4 Easy Ways to Make Your Emails Look Good on Mobile

More than 50% of all emails are viewed on a mobile device. Giving you 7 inches or less to capture attention.

What do your emails, your website, and your videos look like on a mobile phone?

Does it Matter? Yes! A Lot!

Nearly half of consumers say they won’t return to a website if …

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Hire Slowly, Fire Quickly

This guest blog comes from Mary Henry of HR on Demand.

So you’ve hired a new salesperson – Brian – and he’s not cutting the mustard.

He’s been with you a month and hasn’t closed a single prospect. What do you do?

Before you make a hasty decision, let’s first ask two key questions:

  • Is …

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    Everybody Talks – But Are They Saying Good Things About Your Company?

    This guest blog comes from Cindy Gordon of Culture Shock Coaching.

    What would life be like if a significant part of your business growth came from customer referrals? How would that impact your marketing and sales costs?  How would it affect your life?

    According to a study by the Chief Marketing Official Council approximately 50% …

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    The Best Place to Spend Your Marketing Time and Money

    This guest blog comes from Tracy Diziere of Tracy Diziere & Associates.

    If you’re a small business owner with a limited marketing budget, where should you first focus your marketing efforts?

    Should you start with a blog, social media, video, email, print, etc.?

    Sounds like a daunting challenge, but in fact the answer is easy.

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    Can You Ask for the Sale in Your Video?

    This week, one of my clients asked me a very important question.

    She’s an author of several books and we’re going to do a video for her, and she said, “Lynn Is it appropriate at the end of the video, to ask people to buy my book?”

    You know what she was really asking …

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    You Can’t Make Money This Way

    Social media. E-newsletters. Video. Email. Skype.

    You can connect with the world from behind your computer.

    That’s the dream right?

    Work in your PJs and slippers.

    Make millions pushing the buttons on your keyboard.

    Guess what? It doesn’t work!

    So what DOES work? Networking. Yes! Good old-fashioned, “press-the-flesh” networking!

    In spite of …

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    Business or Personal Pinterest Account? Which is Best for You?

    This Guest Blog Post Comes from Terry League of League Computers.

    Pinterest is a popular and rapidly growing social platform, and one that most business owners can’t ignore.

    According to a study by Shareaholic, Pinterest was second only to Facebook in December 2013 for driving website traffic.

    If you’re new to Pinterest, or if …

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    Are You Ready for Professional Video Production?

    5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Professional Video Production Company

    Hiring a professional video production company is a lot more involved than just finding someone who knows how to run a camera. It’s important that their style and their approach mesh with your style and objectives.

    Use these 5 questions as a starting …

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    No More Websites?

    No More Websites

    This Guest Blog Post Comes from Rachel Strella of Strella Social Media and I whole-heartedly agree with her opinion here. One of our clients recently inquired about the relevance of her website. She said that someone informed her that websites don’t serve the same major purpose they did even a couple of years ago …

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    Video is Ideal for Introverts

    Are you an introvert? Someone who gets their energy from an internal focus rather than an external one?

    If so, then video is FABULOUS for you!

    Surprised? Well, it’s true.

    Video is a great way for introverts to leverage their time and energy and actually appear more extroverted.

    You see, when creating video you …

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